That time I started a podcast

I have been thinking about starting a podcast for a while. I always liked the idea of setting up a microphone and just “vamping” for as long I could; I guess it’s the old radio deejay in me. The trick was, I never really had a reason!

Now that I have passed my 1 year anniversary of posting my first honest to goodness voice over audition, I had an idea. I wanted to give back to the community that has been so good to me in my young career. This was the main reason I started this blog as well.

So, along with fellow growing voice actor Sean Daeley we launched The VO Meter podcast last week! As is the case with most of my marketing efforts, very little in the way of planning was put into the preparation, at least on paper. Sure I had some ideas, and I did take the time to get some artwork, and music for the channel, but that was really it. With Sean recently back from his sojourn around the world, we just decided on a Wednesday afternoon to jump on Source Connect Now and do the darn thing! You can check it out at the new dedicated podcast website

Well, how did it go you may be asking? Surprisingly well! There were a few hiccups, most notably, that 10 minutes into the session I realized I had no idea how to record both sides of the conversation. Working on that now. Other technical issues ensued, but we persevered.Luckily, neither Sean or I have a problem rambling on for extended periods of time so content should not be a problem. After some quick mixing and editing, we had the thing posted a mere 4 hours later!

The entire goal of the show is to help newcomers to the Voice Over field navigate the minefield that is starting a career in this crazy business. We would love to hear your thoughts, please check out the show, download it, and let us know what you think!

Thanks for listening

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